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Tarnished Bit by AaronMk Tarnished Bit by AaronMk
So, day three of EQD's ATG. Which is to draw a pony with a prop. And what better a prompt to use as an excuse to put down your Fallout Equestria OC in! Or, something...

So I believe I have another picture mentioning I want to do a FO:E side-fic of my own. And I know I've yammered about how I wanted to get some of the characters down into drawing. So here's the main character, or who I plan to have as the main character should I get off my lazy ass and write this.

I'm thinking I should move this to the front of my writing line up since my other ideas aren't necessarily going anywhere. But this means I should gear up to catch up on Project Horizons and read some other far-north based fan fics...

Anyways, Tarnished Bit is supposed to be an ex-scavenger who retired from the trade after finding a nice mare and hitting a good claim. Selling it off he was able to retire and left to quieter realms. Though, certain events put him back into the metaphorical saddle to undo things. And perhaps make him feel better.
d715 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
You should have gotten out of here Stalker!
MisterTurtle Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Hey, smoothpony.
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